Krystyna  Walewska - Huseynov  MA, MBACP

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Mrs Krystyna,
Have an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas, full of warmth and love, and your deepest dreams fulfilled in the New Year. I want to thank you so much for this amazing time and experience I had at all our meetings, your understanding, kindness and professionalism, waking up my desire to live fully, helping rebuild my self-esteem and regain tranquillity. Also for inspiring me to see the world in a new colours and the people as being nicer- and they are -:)) For feeling excited when tasting and discovering new things. Thank you so much for this fantastic incomparable to anything I have ever felt experience. M

London, December 2011

What you have achieved by entering my life seems like “changing the direction of the River Thames with a stick”. Until now no one has succeeded or even tried. You decided to do the equivalent for me and you have succeeded. Yours truly, GD

London 2009

Once again thank you very much for the meetings. It is impossible to express what thanks to your assistance I can now do, think, change... You opened for me everything what life itself can be, and is, what really means a real relation, how one can discover again and again oneself... A hundreds thanks.... A.M.

P.S.I can’t wait for our next meeting but unfortunately have to wait till January 2010

London, December 2009

I do not need a hospital. I need a confidence and that I am getting from you. Thank you. A.K

London 2009

I wouldn't change the knowledge that I have received from you for a world’s treasures. DG

London 2009

I must express in words my immense gratefulness for your patience in helping me to deal with stressful matters that I would not cope with alone.

Most of all, I thank you for helping to help myself in transforming me into what I used to be and into what I can be. Knowing you are there is a great source of strength and stability. I also feel that the changes in me, which you have helped to create, are there to stay. I shall never forget the role you have played.

In some way you will always remain in my life.

Thank you. Tony F.

London, March 1995

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